Spring is Almost Here!

Spring Flowers in Bloom
Spring is in the air!

Does it mean anything to you that the season change is just around the bend? This year, winter will have its last day on March 19th.  Now, there are a few people I know who enjoy shorter days and the cold weather so they may not be quite as happy for the new season. However, for the vast majority of people, this change may feel like coming up for air after jumping off the high dive board. For me, the season change means I can open my windows once again for some fresh air in my home. Spring is the time that nature begins to renew itself and regain its verdant potential. This changing time of regrowth and new life is also the time that a lot of people decide to do some extra cleaning.

The idea of spring cleaning harkens back to the old days where the only way to heat your home was to burn wood or coal. Even the ovens were heated by wood. Since you either had to buy your wood or chop it yourself, people back then would go to great lengths to trap heat in their homes. This action, in turn, normally caused a lot of soot and grime to build up in the home. Therefore, spring cleaning was more of a necessity in those days as winter passed and warm weather allowed people to open their homes.  

What Constitutes “Spring Cleaning” for You?

For a lot of us, winter is a season where we’re indoors much more than the rest of the year.  Because we may coop up more, our furniture gets some extra usage and a little more wear and tear. If you ad in the holiday season, with the extra guests and activities that coincide with it, there is even more furniture usage than normal. Because of this extra burden on your home, this may be that time where you deep clean on your furniture. You may even rearrange the items in your home to give a new feel and flow to the rooms.

The thing about rearranging and deep cleaning furniture is that you get up close and personal with them. You may find that your couch or bed may be on its last legs, so to speak. If that’s the case, this spring could not just be a metaphorical time of change, but an actual one.

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