About Us

The trends and styles in the home interior market today change rapidly, but the demand for classic, well-made Western and rustic decor and furniture has remained a constant.  Western, rustic and Hacienda decor enthusiasts will be amazed by what we have to offer on our showroom floor!

We import and create unique pieces of Western, rustic and Hacienda-style art and furnishings to meet all your needs.  From the kitchen to the living room and everywhere in between, we will bring that perfect, unique touch of Texas to your home.  Whether you’re an experienced decorator, enthusiast, or just looking to bring your home to life with that special something, we can help you find what you’re looking for.  Visit our showroom today or contact us to talk with us about any of the items featured on our site or discuss your specific needs.

We treat each customer as an individual with their own vision of their dream home.  We want to hear your home’s story and meet your needs when it comes to Western, rustic and Hacienda-style furniture and decor.  We will gladly assist you in selecting pieces that will come together beautifully in your home and hopefully be featured in a prominent position for many years to come.

With authentic, unique pieces of art and furniture, low prices and a personalized approach, we aim to make shopping with us at Santa Fe Terra a one-of-a-kind, inclusive experience where you take a little piece of Texas home with you.